This all started a few years ago when I moved to Portugal From Toronto with my (now) husband. To be honest, it was a bit more of an adjustment than I expected... iced coffee was non-existent, the grocery store was missing some of my key staples (hummus, kale & quinoa to name a few) and Portuguese was MUCH more difficult to learn than I expected. ​

So I was in Porto, unable to work and missing some of my creature comforts when I decided I would make the most of this opportunity and start my own business.

I had always made dips for parties, and now I needed to make them on a regular basis to sustain our dip addiction. Getting ready to make a batch one day I realized I didn’t have any chick peas – but I did have lentils. I figured ‘why not?’ and Pulse Lentil Houmous was born. I made my new “houmous” for friends and family and got some great feedback which led to the realization that THIS could be the business idea I was searching for. ​

We moved to England in 2017 and launched Pulse Lentil Houmous in speciality retailers across London.

In April 2018 we launched in Ocado & Planet Organic, As Nature Intended & Whole Foods among spaciality retailers in London and the South West.

I hope you enjoy Pulse Lentil Houmous as much as my friends and family :)

- Amanda


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